Calling for Frictions, Towards Issue #1
forA editors
27 May 2022

Following forA on the Urban issue #0, the forthcoming issue continues the investigation of the main ideas of our manifesto—examining the open, unfinished, multi-scaled, interconnected, complex, and wild nature of urban manifestations, challenges, and situations through an expanded notion of architecture. With this in mind, we are asking for spatial frictions that result in extremes, imbalances, exclusions, or negotiations, but also identity construction, productive tensions, economic booms, or the emergence of multiplicity, plurality, and co-existence.

As we work on issue #1 forA seeks accounts that take notice of tangible and intangible, positive and negative frictions from all over the world. Please share:

The Friction

The Location

Its Cause

Its Effect

Your role

Your age

Send this information, and any other thoughts, ideas, or suggestions through any of our channels—instagram or email, or just come and meet us!

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